Top Best Web Hosting Services & Sites

Website hosting services are basically the plot of internet land that your website storefront sits on.

Breaking Down our Top Choices: Which is Best For Your Needs

Some web hosting companies can do everything from building your website to marketing and selling it; while other providers only provide the space, infrastructure, technical support staff and equipment so you can build a website on your own.

Bluehost -Extremely fast & reliable hosting with plenty of advanced security add-ons
Best web hosting service overall

Bluehost is one of the most popular web hosts to build a WordPress (WP) site, thanks to its one-click installation process, strong CMS (Content Management System) platform, and multiple hosting plans.

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IONOS -Fast and secure hosting to help your business grow
A variety of web hosting options

IONOS is ideal for small businesses that need an online presence. At $1/month for the first year on their Business plan, they have one of the most affordable web hosting offers on this list.

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HostGator -Easy and affordable web hosting with intuitive site building tools
Simple websites for businesses

HostGator is a smart choice for larger organizations that need multiple email addresses. This web hosting company includes unlimited email addresses with the plans offered. They also guarantee at least 99% server uptime and unmetered bandwidth.

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Hostinger -Scalable hosting solutions for fast websites
Cloud web hosting

Hostinger asks for the longest introductory offer commitment on this list, but its prices are very affordable. The first four years of service only cost $1.99/month, after which the price increases to a reasonable $3.99/month. Hostinger's 30-day money-back guarantee and 99.9% guaranteed uptime also ensure peace of mind.

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DreamHost -Flexible hosting solutions to ensure your success
Email hosting for business needs

DreamHost offers an extended 97-day money-back guarantee and 100% guaranteed uptime. This shows how confident they are in their service, which should put even the most risk-averse consumers at ease.

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HostPapa -Fast and reliable hosting with easy website migration
Green and environmentally friendly hosting

HostPapa is an exceptional web hosting and design service that brings professional online presence within reach for businesses of all sizes. The intuitive drag-and-drop website builder enables effortless creation of stunning websites in no time.

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A2 Hosting A2 Hosting -High-powered web hosting with plans to suit your unique needs
Customer service and support

A2 Hosting has a variety of solutions for individuals and enterprise-level users. They offer hosting plans for WordPress (both managed and unmanaged), dedicated emails, WooCommerce, reseller hosting, and even specialized plans for non-profit organizations.

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Unlimited data transfer is a no-frills service provider offering shared hosting for WordPress and custom sites. Although they don't have dedicated hosting, VPS hosting, or reseller hosting plans, they do provide a website builder for anyone not using WordPress.

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Network Solutions -Cloud-based web hosting with easy-to-upgrade packages
Robust selection of hosting plans

Network Solutions is powered by and delivers similar services. However, they provide the additional benefits of quick, responsive, and helpful customer service.

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Fast, secure WordPress hosting provider is the most expensive web host on this list, but that's because they prioritize server performance without charging additional fees. They also promote themselves as the fastest WordPress hosting provider on the market.

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Frequently Asked Queries

Yes, some web hosting services do include a website builder, but not all of them. The hosts listed in this review, however, have WordPress hosting plans. WordPress is a CMS (an application used to create, edit and publish websites) with hundreds of free templates available so that anyone can easily build their own site.

Yes, for most people, the web hosting service does make a difference. If you only need a few static pages (or simple "coming soon" placeholder pages), any web hosting service will work. But if you want a more modern, dynamic website, consider the features provided by the top hosting services outlined in this article.

While it's arguably possible to do so, self-hosting a website requires technical expertise, hardware, and server space. Even with these, a self-hosted site won't deliver the performance or resiliency of one that's hosted by a professional service. For example, if you get a lot of visitors or your internet connection fails, your website will be unavailable.

A web host is a company that provides the servers your website lives in, so visitors can access it through their internet connection. A web builder is an online internet application that helps you create a website, which you then upload to a hosting server when it's ready to "go live" online. Some web hosts include web builders, but you don't need to use them. Experienced web developers can build their own websites, while others may choose a CMS like WordPress.

There are generally four major types of hosting services: shared, dedicated, VPS, and cloud. Most providers offer shared and dedicated hosting plans for both WordPress and custom sites. Others include additional hosting services, like managed hosting, cloud hosting, VPS, and reseller hosting.

Our research determined that GoDaddy, IONOS, A2 Hosting, and offer the most robust security. Look at secure web hosting from two perspectives: the host's own security, and the security tools they provide for you to use. The first is difficult to compare, as hosts generally don't publish information on the security measures they have in place at their data centers. But the second can be explored by looking at what hosts include in their plans.